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The Best Interactive Toys for Your Cat

December 01, 2021

Do you have a cat in Chandler?

Are you looking for some good interactive toys for her to enjoy? If you want to keep your cat entertained and encourage her to exercise at the same time, interactive toys are the way to go. These toys come in a variety of styles and types, so you can easily find the right fit for your cat based on her play style and needs.

Check out the list below to help you get some ideas for where to begin. Consider trying out multiple categories so you can find the right toys for your feline friend.

Cat Puzzle Toys

There are many types of puzzle toys for cats. Some of these toys are similar to the "board games" for dogs, which require moving parts for the cat to push into the right configurations to solve the puzzle. When the cat succeeds, she is rewarded with a treat hidden in a compartment inside the toy.

Other puzzle toys are slightly less complicated, but still very stimulating to cats. One option is a treat mat. You can buy a treat mat or make one yourself from old rugs or pieces of carpet. Cut holes in a piece of carpet and hide treats underneath the mat, then encourage the cat to dive through the holes or reach under the carpet to find the treat.

If your cat isn't very interested in trying to solve a puzzle toy, try hiding a high-value treat instead of a traditional one. A small piece of cheese or lunch meat might be a good choice.

Cat Food Dispensers

Food dispenser toys are another type of puzzle toy, but since there are so many types of food dispensers to choose from, they fall into their own category as well. Many food dispensers for cats are in the form of balls that can be filled with kibble or treats. These balls then must be rolled around in the right way to make kibble fall out of a small hole on one side.

Other food dispensers may be shaped like other items. Some may be wobbly toys that must be bobbled to make the food come out, and others may be bouncy instead. The end result is usually the same, however; the cat is supposed to play with the toy to encourage the food or treat to fall out, then enjoy her reward.

Cat Wand Toys

Wand toys are meant for you to use. These toys look a little bit like a fishing pole, with a handle on one side and a long string, elastic, or ribbon on the other. At the end of this string is a toy, or a collection of toys, designed to be cat-safe and enticing to your pet.

Humans can hold the handle of the wand and dangle it, toss it back and forth, or otherwise make it move for the cat to play with and pounce on. Many cats are interested in playing with these toys and bonding with their humans at the same time.

Cat Tunnels

Tunnels are often made of crinkly material that makes a loud noise when cats climb on or through them. They may have holes on the sides or could just have holes on either end for entering and exiting.

Tunnels are a great choice for cats who like to play by diving into something. You can throw a toy through the tunnel and watch your cat dive after it, sometimes even retrieving the toy and bringing it back through the tunnel again.

Climbing Structures

Finally, climbing structures are a great way for cats to play interactively with their surroundings and environment. Cat trees and cat towers can provide several different "landings" for your cat to climb to, perch on, and use for a napping spot as well.

Most cats appreciate having some space up high that they can use to watch the activity of the house below. If you have more than one cat, each cat might choose a different part of the climbing structure to call her own. This can be a great way to help your cats feel like they have their own territory within your home and cut back on fights.

Each of these types of toys provides something a little different for your cat. Depending on your cat's age, weight, health, personality, and more, you can narrow down the options and find interactive toys and items that will work well for her needs.

Don't be afraid to try a few different styles if you're not sure what your cat might like. But if you do know your cat well, you should be able to figure out which types of toys she is sure to like.